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In line with its mandate to provide affordable and sustainable shelter to the Gambian populace, the Social Security and Housing Finance Corporation (SSHFC) is to implement its first growth centre Housing and Real Estate project in the Upper River Region and the sites earmarked for development are as follows:
1. Mansajang Kunda site on the Basse-Sabi road, opposite the SOS Village.
2. Giroba Kunda site on the Basse-Fatoto highway
3. Nafugan site on the Soma-Basse highway before Allunhari and Basse
The proposed developments are reflective of SSHFC’S drive to decentralize its shelter delivery programmes. Therefore, staff of the SSHFC will be in Basse to sensitize the people of the Region on the Project entailments through Radio TALK Shows on (Basse GRTS Radio) and also to conduct a Need Assessment Survey through processing of Questionnaires. The Management of SSHFC, will highly appreciate the cooperation and support of the people of Upper River Region in this endeavour hence the feedback received from the survey, will be very crucial in the final shaping of the project concept and design


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