Land Bank Sites

In view of the Government’s drive to transform the country in to a City-State, the SSHFC has banked sites in 26 Growth Centres across the country, in addition to the Kanifing Industrial Site, for real estate and housing development in the short, medium and the long-term. Currently, all the sites have been surveyed and approval has been granted for the processing of the individual master leases. To-date, available records show that a staggering amount of GMD 7,019,043 has been spent on this venture. Therefore, to curtail expenditure, all the site wardens have been laid off. (see Appendix 1 for list of sites)

A review of the Land Bank programme shows that:

1. There is a need for another perimeter and survey of all the sites by our own Survey Team hence boundary pillars at most of the land bank sites are missing or broken down.
2. The Farafenni site which is affected by a active stone quarry needs to be relocated away from the quarry.
3. The Basse Mansajang site, Mandina Ba site and Faraba Banta site will be accorded priority for future development.
4. The Kanifing Industrial Site is affected by an encroachment on to the site by a certain building materials manufacturing company called MA Finish. The matter has been so far reported to the relevant Government Authorities.