Ongoing Projects

In line with Vision 2020 which advocates for the decentralization of basic services, SSHFC embarked on extending housing facilities in the Growth Centres of the country in a bid to reduce the strain on the immediate urban infrastructure and other services. The Brikama Jamisa Project is the Corporation’s first Growth Centre Project. In addition to this allocation, SSHFC recognizing the need for acquiring more land for residential use has been allocated land in Tujereng and Jabang for Housing and Real Estate Development.
The Tujereng project comprises 1515 residential serviced plots, 11 Business plots and 94 plots earmarked for the development of complete housing units. The Jabang project has a total of 817 residential serviced plots, 29 Business plots and 39 plots reserved for the construction of complete housing units. The Brikama Jamisa project is composed of 354 residential plots, 42 Business plots and 70 plots set aside for the complete house component.
To-date almost all the serviced plots have been allocated except a few which were created as a result of subdivisions of the bigger size plots which remained unsubscribed for.
The infrastructure works at Tujereng, Jabang and Brikama project sites is in progress. Currently the works are in high gear and hence the major roads have been surfaced with laterite waiting to be covered with tarmac. Similarly, water reticulation pipes have been laid and also the electricity distribution poles have been erected and are being networked. Currently the total expenditure on infrastructure works stands at GMD 134,703,115