Kanifing Housing Project

This is the modified version of conventional or public housing. The project comprised the development of 34 hectares of land in the Kanifing East area. The land development included the construction of a road network comprising bitumen surfaced and laterite roads, a water reticulation network with 54 communal standpipes, fire hydrants, and a 3 – phase electricity distribution system with street and security lighting and open drainage system. A social market, Community centre and a Nursery School was built directly by SSHFC. The developed land was demarcated in to 743 serviced plots ranging in size from 250 m2 to 350 m 2. The beneficiaries of the scheme had incomes ranging GMD195 to GMD 916 per month with over 50% earning less than GMD 500 per month (1985/6 pay scale).
Small construction loans ranging from GMD 10,700 to GMD 25,000 were given to project beneficiaries who were then guided in the construction of their own houses based on the project concept “the house that grows”. The loan was part of the World Bank Urban Management and Development Project and was provided to The Gambia Government at 5% rate of interest. The Government the provided the loan to SSHFC at 7% rate of interest. The SSHFC in turn lent to the beneficiaries at 9 % interest (observing the 2 % mark-up) over 25 years repayment period. The total loan for the KESS Project was 19 million.